A Guide To Help You Age Gracefully

  Aging cannot be stopped since it is a natural process. That’s why you will find people spending lots of money in cosmetics in order to look young. But slowing it is possible through the choices you make. This ranges from foods, clothes, lifestyles and even friends you keep. It is never too late to make the right choices in order to age gracefully.

There are tips a person can follow to slow the aging process. These tips widely depend on how you implement them and the goals you want to achieve. So how do you ensure that you age gracefully?

  1. Eating the right foods.

When it comes to eating, consuming vegetables, health proteins, whole grains, low carb foods and fruits are encouraged. In addition to these foods, drinking at least two liters of water is a plus. Our bodies need enough water to aid digestion, reduce headaches and fatigue. With each different food group, you are supposed to consume certain nutrients. These nutrients will help your body to fight diseases and keep you strong.

Whole grains, vegetables and legumes are rich in fiber. Our bodies need fiber because it helps in the digestive system. It also lowers cholesterol, lowers high blood pressure and cholesterol. This leads to a healthier heart hence helping you to stay strong and age in the right way.

When it comes to cooking, you need to use oil that lowers cholesterol. Olive well has been used for many years and known to have the good cholesterol. Fatty fish is friendly to the heart and consuming such gives a person a healthy body.

For the fruits, blueberries are the best. The berries have nutrients that are very helpful to the body. In addition to these, you can consume tomatoes. Tomatoes release lycopene which is a natural chemical known to protect against lung and prostate cancer. Tomatoes release high lycopene when they are cooked so it is take them when they are cooked.

You will realize that as you age, your bones get weak. You can choose to take bone soup or yogurt. Yogurt that has vitamin D is recommended because it has the right minerals. Bone soup is rich in calcium which is a necessity for strong bones.

Nuts are good for a health heart. Apart from being rich in protein, they contain Omega 3. With such a combination you are sure your heart is safe.

  1. Exercising

You need to keep moving in order to age gracefully. This is one of the surest ways to make your body stay young and strong. While excising, you will realize that your bone formation becomes strong. As a person grows old, the muscles become feeble. In order to avoid this you are advised to engage in physical activities because excising releases hormones which help the body absorb amino acids. This helps the muscles to grow hence reducing their breakage.

To add on this, exercises increases energy level and decreases chronic diseases. When a person starts to age, fatigue is a common thing. While exercising, the body becomes strong and people feel energized. Chronic diseases like diabetes are mostly associated with lack of exercise.

  1. Avoid stress

In order to age gracefully, you have to avoid stress. When a person gets stressed over a period of time, the stress hormones are released. This causes the body to be alert most of the time thus responding to any occurrence that seems to be a threat. In such cases, stress may cause blood sugar level to rise. The result of this is the inability of the body to sense problems and suppression of the immune system thus resulting to premature aging.

On the other hand, stress targets the blood vessels and the heart. When a person get stressed for a long time ability to control cardiovascular system becomes almost impossible. Once this happens cardiovascular response becomes weak and the stress hormones increase blood pressure. This results to the aging of arteries which in turn results to premature aging.

  1. Get enough sleep

Enough sleep keeps the stress hormone lower. As we have discussed earlier, stress is one cause of premature aging. If you want to age gracefully, you have to get enough sleep. The best way to achieve this is to keep a good sleeping habit. This can be achieved by developing a habit of sleeping early. Ensure that you follow a certain routine of sleeping and waking up.

When we sleep our body and skin are rested. This helps the body to stay rejuvenated and ready for the next day. Again, yourskin gets renewed and a new skin is formed replacing the older one. This makes you feel good and young which in turn help in aging gracefully. Whenever people comment on how you look young and good, the feeling is awesome.

  1. Have a reading culture

Reading tends to keep your memory sharp. Though reading does not stop wrinkles, it helps you live longer. If you form a reading culture, it improves your social activities. When a person is active socially, they are able to relate to other people well. This helps because you need to have people around you in order to be active. Staying alone tend to bring a person social life at a standstill. We all need to be surrounded by people to avoid loneliness.

Again, makes your brain function well. While reading your brain connects well with whatever you are reading about. This helps the brain to function well and stay health. With at health brain a person is able to live longer and age gracefully because you are not exposed to perilous diseases.


We all long to age and live a full life. But aging gracefully requires some practices than need to be implemented in order to live a comfortable life. It is never late to start practicing these tips to help you age gracefully and in style. Start practicing them daily and always have a positive attitude towards life.