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Is it Hip or Back Pain? Know the Truth Here!

As you may know, both the hip joint and the lower back are close to one another. Because of this, it often leads to a misjudgment of what is truly hurting. Especially when talking about the hips and the lower back. Both have the same symptoms, and identifying their differences can be tricky. It also the common reason why a patient leads to confusion and misdiagnosis.

So, how to differentiate these two?

Pain Location: Hip Joint

For the hip joint, the pain will start from the groin area. The condition of pain may vary depending on person to person, but it is often described as a dull or sharp pain. Though groin can be an area that commonly referred to as pain from the lower back, the pain from this will spread through the lumbar spine and gluteal muscles. Then, the groin will become the secondary source of the pain that starts aching subsequently to the lumbar part.

What Medical Conditions Causes Hip Pain?

These are the common medical conditions that cause pain from hip joints:

  • Pubis Osteitis: This medical condition is common to footballers and other athletes. It is the inflammation of pubic bones (right or left) that meets at the lower front area of the pelvis. The pubic bone or pubis is one of the essential bones that supports the hip
  • Capsulitis: It is the inflammation of fibrous composition that folds around the hip joints keeping it together to the head of the thigh bone and to the socket where it stays. Often, it is caused by traction of trauma to the hip like stretching beyond your limit; usually, the pain condition is sharp
  • Osteoarthritis: It is the most common reason for hip joint pain. It is due to the natural wear and tears as people grew older and aged. Also, according to the recent study, most intense professional athletes will likely to develop osteoarthritis. The pain condition is dull and deep at first but can be associated with a sharp pain as the symptom continue to grow stronger.

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What Medical Conditions Causes Lower Back Pain?

These medical conditions are the main culprit why you’re currently suffering from lower back pain:

  • Disc Injuries: Sometimes, the tear can range from mild to moderate, which represents damage or irritation to the few fibers presents on the disc’s outer layer to a more prolapsing, herniated, and bulging disc injuries. These discs will pinch the nerves connected to the back which gives you extreme pain and discomfort. The pain condition is a sharp pain, and often gives numbness on the back down to the one side of your leg
  • Chronic Postural Fatigue: This medical condition is common for people who work around on their desk eight hours a day. It is due to the improper use of lumbar spine muscles. People who sit for more than eight hours a day are prone to weakening their musculature. Once the musculature became weak, you’ll struggle to keep up with your daily physical activities or tasks. The pain condition is sometimes dull, sharp, and persistent
  • Muscle Spasm: This medical condition is often associated with disc injuries such as a slipped disc or herniated disc. Muscle spasms in the first body mechanism to protect you if it senses some threat.

Can Osteopathy Provide Relief?

Both hip and back pain conditions can be relieved by osteopathy. However, if you suspect yourself suffering from any of the conditions mentioned above, make sure to visit a licensed Osteopaths in Melbourne to assess your current health condition. Also, a diagnosis is required before your assessment to the osteopath.