Emergency contraceptive pills Singapore

A Knowhow Of Intrauterine Contraception

Intrauterine type of birth control is also known as UID is the reversible pregnancy control method. This method is useful for women who don’t want to give birth for next two years. This is a t shaped device inserted into uterus of women vagina. They are placed for three to ten years of span’s it is placed intrauterine it is called as intrauterine devices, there are some other type of injections prescribed for women for every three months they are hormonal injection, they are to be taken for every 120 days without fail, but there are few disadvantages they are leads to irregular periods or over bleeding for more than a month.

Copper T wire is placed on the fifth day of period. The patient is called on fifth day of period. Copper t is the most worldwide used emergency contraceptive pills Singapore type. The main target of this type of prevention is it creates an uneasy environment in vagina preventing birth, very rare condition happened in American country once a lady too copper t UID, then by that failure she got pregnancy then it is unknown for everyone what happened to that copper T, later on after her pregnancy the baby came out catching the copper t device with hand and created a history, this is very rare to happen.

This plastic material makes an irritating environment for the sperm to contact with egg. And sometimes it is rejected by body that is Avery low chance.

There are two types of UID that is intrauterine device those are emergency and non-emergency which prevents pregnancy in different styles.

Emergency contraceptive pills Singapore

Hormonmal uid:

This type of UID is used to create an odd environment for the sperm to survive in vagina, the hormone released is oestrogen. This hormone is regularly released into the environment by preventing the pregnancy.

There are many UID they are Kylee, Lynette, Kyla and Jaycees .but most commonly mirena is in use from the past five years.

Along with birth control they also help full for women with period problems such as heavy bleeding, PCOD problems.by using this UID it is said that there may be irregular period or no period at all. By using this bleeding becomes low for three to six months.

Non horomonal:

Copper UID is the non-hormonal will doesn’t release hormones.it is a plastic material and is very small in size. Copper UID prevent pregnancy buy creating a negative environment to the sperm. The copper material kills sperms. After five days of unprotected sex it is an option to use this copper t loops this is also an advantage of contraception in emergency time .UID is inserted by only partitioned medical profession because it is not a regular way to use.in Singapore the most commonly used way is copper T.