adderall abuse

Adderall addiction and abuse

Adderall is a drug and is the combination medicine used in treating attention deficit hyperactivity disorder known as ADHD and it belongs to the class of stimulants. There are side effects for any drug which has to be taken note and without prescription, an individual is not suggested to take any kind of medication. There are more risks and consequences that have to be faced by the people who take this Adderall with or without prescription in the long term. The people who take this drug on a regular basis are prone to adderall abuse.

The drug abuse

This drug abuse leads to several problems in the person and needs to get treated immediately. There are specialists to treat this drug addiction and help them come out of this drug abuse. This Adderall is a combination of dextroamphetamine and amphetamine and when prescribed by the physician, it helps the individual to come out if the behavioral changes and creates the ability to focus and pay attention. There are other symptoms that persist when taken this Adderall is weight loss ad the suppressed appetite.

This is the drug available in the form of the tablet and it is taken orally. This is obtainable in various dosages which range from 5 mg to 30 mg and it depends on the person who is prescribed to take and the condition of his or her disorder, whether it is in moderate condition or severe. In general, a patient who is prescribed with this drug is given the lesser dosage and then gradually increased depending on the severity of the disorder. There are two versions of this drug, Adderall and the Adderall XR and these both work by raise in the neurotransmitters in the brain thereby regulating focus as well as the attention in the individual.

adderall abuse

Two types of Adderall

While both the types of Adderall contain the same ingredients in them, they are absorbed by the body in different ways at different speeds along with the dosage and its strength. These tablets taken in the morning times as soon as the person wakes up as it can absorb and in case there is the second dosage, it is suggested to take it after 6 hours. The secondary form of Adderall is the Adderall XR, but this form is the extended-release version of the drug which means the capsule will be dissolving slowly and then the body will get the ingredients throughout the day. This is how the drug lasts long in the body for a long time period.


Once the drug is taken as addiction, The Adderall High happens in the body where people feel they get energy and feel that they can do anything. There are a number of signs of this Adderall abuse like feeling depressed and no interest in anything and they get dependent on the drug.