Raynaud’s disease

Explain different types of Raynaud’s disease

Raynaud’s disease is a disorder occurs when blood vessels go narrow. This will result in the form of illness in the finger or toes. The fingers and toes remain cold all the time that gives pain to the affected area. It also changes the color of the affected area and most of the time tingling or numbness occurs in fingers. You can fight with this disease easily when it is in the earlier stage, but if you feel it’s spreading its legs in your body then consult with your doctor or health expert. For an earlier stage, the specially designed gloves for Raynaud’s disease are very helpful. You can get these gloves from anywhere including online. Many websites offer these gloves with different designs, for example, https://www.doctorarthritis.org/product-category/foot-and-ankle-sleeves-and-support/ this gives the website provides you good quality raynaud’s gloves. The Raynaud’s gloves are of two types:

  1. Primary Raynaud’s: This is the primary stage of the disease when you will find only mild symptoms of this disease. Generally, people avoid their disease in this stage which is wrong. The early cure does not hurt much later. This quote is true for this disease because when this disease spreads, it gives so much of pain.
  2. Secondary Raynaud’s: This stage comes after the primary stage. The symptoms of this disease start appearing well. At this stage body suffer from another illness this is because the connective tissues of our body get attacked and the disease like arthritis or lupus start happens. This stage may push you towards more serious health problems. Hence. It is necessary to contact your doctor as soon as possible when you find initial symptoms in your body.

Raynaud’s disease

What are the benefits of Raynaud’s gloves?

When you feel initial symptoms of Raynaud’s disease in your body it will be helpful of using Raynaud’s gloves. Those people who are already living in cold places must take care of themselves from this disease. As we all know the cure is better than treatment. The percentage of women is bigger than men who got affected by this disease. There are several benefits of using the Raynaud’s gloves some of these are:

  • It regulates the temperature of our hands. Due to cold when the temperature of fingers gets very low it helps in keeping warm.
  • It also helps in increasing the local blood flow in fingers and toes which in result keep the mobility of the fingers.
  • These gloves motivate the regenerating of tissues in the affected area.
  • They keep you safe from the cold triggers.
  • After using the gloves most of the people felt less pain and relief from the stiffness.
  • These gloves are very comfortable after wear.