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School and student time is a period of intense study; the eyes of adolescents are very tired. In addition to the load in the classroom, vision suffers from sitting at the computer for hours, watching TV, using smartphones and tablets. All this is not in vain, eyesight may deteriorate, and the doctor will prescribe glasses.

The fact is that not every young person or teenager agrees to wear glasses, many are complex about this. It’s good that currently there is a great alternative to glasses – olens contacts. Five reasons why olens contacts are great for youth:

Contact lenses do not restrict freedom of movement, which is very important especially for those involved in sports or fitness.

Lenses guarantee a wider field of view, while in glasses it is limited by the frame.

They are convenient to use in any weather, unlike glasses, lenses do not fog up. In addition, some contact lenses provide UV protection.

Not all contact lenses need care, there are one-day wear lenses that are convenient to use, and at a price that does not differ much from multiple-use lenses. One-day contact lenses are especially suitable for those who wear lenses not regularly, but from time to time, for example, during fitness classes or for going to a night club.

It is noted that young people and girls wearing contact lenses do not experience complexes about their appearance, they have increased self-esteem, they feel more confident.

Advice to parents of schoolchildren and students, if your child has poor eyesight, take him to an ophthalmologist and find the right contact lenses. In contact lenses, your son or daughter will feel more confident and at ease.

Olens Contacts

 Why eyeddict one day lenses is so popular?

Today, experts recommend one-day olens contacts as the most healthy and comfortable way to wear. They are used only for one day, discarded after removal, and are suitable for those who wear lenses constantly and those who use them from time to time. The daily replacement regimen reduces the likelihood of deposits on the lens and allergic reactions to preservatives in lens care solutions.

Today eyeddict one day lenses from various materials are available: hydrogel and silicone-hydrogel. Most modern one-day hydrogel contact lenses have moisturizing ingredients that help to improve their wearing comfort. Some contact lenses have a moisturizing component in the blister, for others it is released gradually during blinking, and in contact lenses, thanks to LACREON technology, a 100% moisturizing component is retained in the contact lens even by the end of the day, providing your eyes with a long-lasting moisturizing sensation, comfort and freshness.

The world’s first silicone hydrogel contact lens was created for those who live in the rhythm of a big city and want to take care of the health of their eyes every day. In a one-day contact lens, the eye consumes as much oxygen as an eye without a lens.