A Brief Background on Kunzea Oil

In every part of the world, oils are being made and discovered. Australia is not one that shies away from that fact. It has produced many oils but Kunzea is probably the greatest that they have ever had. It is composed of various special constituents, giving the Kunzea oil special properties and uses. People can directly apply the oil to their skin, which readily absorbs it, due to its soft and gentle nature.

This Kunzea oil started out in the North East of Tasmania. A farmer noticed the state of the of one of his fences was doing well and Kunzea bushes were growing alongside of it on his farm. Meanwhile, fences that were built during the same time as the initial fence were all rusty.

Later on, the leaves and the branchlets of the bush were distilled to start producing the oil. He began applying the pure oil onto himself as well as his family members.

He then found out that there are different variations of the plant after he harvested the Kunzea plants in separate areas. With that, he was able to identify the plants that had “the good oil”.


There are several special constituents that make up the Kunzea.

It is typically made up of around 25 – 40% alpha-pinene (which is now recognized as an anti-inflammatory which makes it good for irritated skin).

It also has 1,8 cineole (which a major constituent that can be found in Eucalyptus oils, making Kunzea helpful when it comes to breathing).

Furthermore, the oil has viridfloral and contains Caolminene at 1 – 2 %.

What are the uses of Kunzea Oil?

This certain oil can be put in oil burners and a few drops can be included in a diffuser or vaporizer. And not only that, with 2 – 10 drops of the Kunzea oil, baths, footbaths, and spas can be greatly improved. An added bonus is the aroma!

Although Kunzea oil can be directly applied to the skin, it is good to test it out first using the back of your hand. Dilute the oil down to 10% joined with vegetable oil in any case of a reaction.

To summarize, Kunzea is a great resource. All of its ingredients are good for health and will not give any trouble. Its essentials are known to have many positive effects, such, as stated earlier, the Eucalyptus which helps one to breathe in any case of a cold or any other reason.

Although different types of oil have been known to man, Kunzea is one of the findings that people would like to learn more about due to the news that it has a great effect on people without having to sacrifice any side-effects for the most part. So grab your kunzea & pure essential oil online now!