Want To Darken Your Skin! Know How Do Tanning Injections Work

Want To Darken Your Skin! Know How Do Tanning Injections Work

With the increasing practice of skin lightening therapy, skin tanning therapy has also grown at the same pace. Human skin has an agent called melanin that responds to the sun rays and naturally makes the skin dark. Apart from the natural tan, through tanning injections also human skin can be darkened articulately. Now, how do tanning injections work is a way interesting. Through the tanning injection, the skin tanning agent Melanotan is injected into the skin.

Definition of Mealnotan

The chemical Melanotan is invented in the early 90s as the photoprotection agent against the damage by the sun. This chemical drug is related to the stimulating hormone called alpha-melanocyte (MSH) and binds with the melanocortin receptors in the cells of the human skin. This synthetic hormone plays a key role in skin and hair pigmentation. This pigmentation is the part of the human skin’s response to the sun. This drug Melanotan increases the level of melanin in the skin cells and results in suntan. There are two types of Melanotan is used, Melanotan I and II. Before being injected, this Melanotans are diluted in water.

how do tanning injections work

How does it work

Melanotan replicates the natural function of melanocortin peptides effectively within human skin. These peptides are involved in the functions of the human immune system, pigmentation of body skin, sexual orgasm, even in the body’s responses to the inflammation by other biological wealth processes. This drug causes to optimize the body’s reaction to any standard to Ultra Violet ray exposure entirely in a natural way. This tanning injection process reduces your time else to spend on a tanning bed or spending time under the sun’s raw and harmful Ultra Violet ray exposure. Besides how do tanning injections work for protecting your skin from being sunburnt or your skin cells being damaged, this Melanotan drug maintains your skin evenly, heals your skin form any tanning effects or harms. This agent tans your skin quickly relaxing you from any hard efforts and risk.

How Melanotan is injected

Melanotan drug is stored by in the freeze, dried place. This is retailed as the freeze-dried powder that is stored in a sealed sterile 10mg multi-use vials. Before using the chemical to inject the Melanotan powder need to be diluted in sterile water. If not refrigerated continuously, the liquid degrades and becomes lesser effective quickly. Melanotan is administered sub-cutaneously after preparing to inject. It is being injected into the fatty layers of tissue around the navel area. Customers take the tanning injection daily until the desired skin tone is achieved. After skin tone is gained, then the injection can be taken once or twice a week.

The Melanotan is available in the market even as an oral pill, nasal spray, and permixed peptide. The injection is far more effective to the skin for even tone results. This process is very suitable for fair-skinned people.