Permanent hair removal: methods

 Permanent hair removal ensures that body hair no longer grows back.  This can be achieved, for example, by treatment with laser or light.  Both methods have their advantages and disadvantages.

 With permanent hair removal in Gilbert, AZ, unlike shaving, hair is not only cut off, but also removed over the long term.  The methods destroy the hair root so that the hair almost does not grow back at all.

 No method is guaranteed to be permanent: Hormonal changes such as pregnancy can stimulate hair growth again.  Nevertheless, permanent hair removal removes stubble for a much longer time than shaving or waxing.

 Permanent hair removal with laser or IPL

 With permanent hair removal with laser or with Intense Pulsed Light (IPL), the previously shaved hair is irradiated with high-frequency light.  The energy destroys the hair follicle root so that the hair no longer grows back.  Several treatments are required to remove all of the hair.  Because the light can only destroy the hair roots that are currently in a certain growth phase.

 The difference between the two methods lies in the wavelength of the light:

 a laser uses a smaller spectrum of light.

 You can do permanent hair removal with laser

 You can do permanent hair removal with light

 At home with a corresponding IPL device,

 at the dermatologist or

 can be carried out in special studios.

 With methods such as laser and IPL, you will have significantly less hair in the treated areas in the long term without shaving or epilating yourself regularly. In contrast to epilation, the permanent methods cause less to no pain when used properly. Depending on how often and with what means you shave, you can save a lot of garbage with permanent hair removal.  Another option is the zero waste shave.

 Accordingly, the costs are reduced in the long run. You no longer have to spend money on razor blades or treatments in a waxing studio.  The expensive treatments can therefore be worthwhile in the long run.

 Permanent hair removal: the cons

 Permanent hair removal is relatively expensive per treatment.  Since you need several treatments, the way to hairless skin quickly costs several hundred euros.  Depending on the provider, the prices for IPL and laser treatments start at less than 30 $ per session for very small areas such as the upper lip and go up to over 600 $ for the whole body.  With dermatologists, the prices are often higher.  For that, they can offer safer treatment.